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3 Top Tips for Migraine Relief

Nowadays, people often complain of persistent headaches—the kind that blindsides you when you least expect it. Well, these recurring vascular headaches aren’t ordinary aches in the head region. They are called migraines. And statistics have revealed that migraines are the third most reported illness globally. 

When migraines strike, you’re unlikely to function properly. You’ve probably experienced firsthand the disabling effects of this illness. Think about the debilitating symptoms of migraine: the massive headaches, dizziness and nausea. Your body feels like hell. 

Until you find relief for your migraines.

Yes, you can find drug-free treatments for your migraines. And yes, these treatments are permanent and non-invasive. What’s more, they are more effective than the pain injections and pills you’re used to. 

So how can one access this effective migraine relief? Through chiropractic care, of course. I’ll explain. Studies have linked migraines to a neurovascular disorder in the brainstem. Another recent literature review reported that chiropractic care were very effective in realigning the top two bones of the neck (C1 and C2) and the brainstem. This adjustment leads to relief of migraines. Need I say more?

In this article, we’ll explore top tips for migraine relief. Our list will focus on chiropractic care and other options for migraine relief.

1. Neuromuscular massage

Neuromuscular massage is a common migraine relief. As the name suggests, it involves a lot of massage. The provider applies varying degrees of pressure to the trigger points in the following areas.

  • the back,
  • the shoulder,
  • the neck,
  • the head.

After the massage, you’ll feel oh-so-good. The blinding headaches, the dizziness and nausea will significantly reduce. In some cases, all the symptoms of migraine disappear. 

2. Comprehensive Relaxation Techniques

Did you know that stress is one of the major causes of migraines? And did you know that high-stress levels cause muscle tensions? Please note that muscle tensions induce migraines. Every good chiropractor knows this. Often comprehensive relaxation techniques feature in the care of migraines.

To provide relief from migraines, the expert focuses on:

  • Reducing stress levels.
  • Maintaining a sense of serenity and calm
  • Monitoring where you are on the stress spectrum. 

The chiropractor accomplishes all these through research-proven relaxation techniques. Some of these include: 

  • Soothing massage therapy
  • Breathing exercise
  • Meditation
  • And controlled imagery.

This approach will provide migraine relief and total wellness. It’s definitely worth consulting a chiropractor for.

3. Multidisciplinary Care Treatment

Neuromuscular massages are amazing, but the multidisciplinary care intervention is even more impressive. 

But, you have to be open-minded about the holistic strategy often used here. As the name suggests, this treatment option blends different therapy options. To treat your migraine, the chiropractor will implement:

  • relaxation practices
  • stress management therapy
  • physical therapy exercises,
  • dietary and nutritional counseling

Is the multidisciplinary intervention worth the long haul? Yes, it is. In fact, it is a surefire way to reduce that nagging migraine pain significantly. What’s more, this therapy can even get rid of the migraines. Embrace the chiropractic care and comprehensive wellness combo. 

Final thoughts on top tips for migraine relief

There are permanent relief for painful migraines. These top tips for migraine relief can change your body and improve the quality of your life. All you have to do is consult a qualified chiropractor who goes beyond providing chiropractic adjustments. 

Through his groundbreaking research-based care, Dr. Addison Bulosan has helped countless clients live migraine-free lives. He often combines excellent chiropractic care and comprehensive wellness strategies. If you’re serious about getting rid of those migraines, Dr. Addison Bulosan is the expert you should consult.

Dr Addison Bulosan is, arguably, one of the most experienced upper cervical spine specialists in the world. Upper Cervical Chiropractor Dr Addison Bulosan has maintained an excellent practice in Lihue, Hawaii. His practice spans over ten years. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to book an appointment, contact Dr Addison Bulosan on 808-369-9733. Forward all email inquiries to:

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