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Adjustments Before Holiday Travel | Why You Should Get One!

The holidays are already upon us. And we’re excited about the funfest, the gift-exchanges and of course, the travel.  For most of us, the holiday season won’t be as much fun if we didn’t embark on the holiday travels to our favorite scenic destinations.

However, holiday travels require a lot of planning, a lot of hustle and bustle. Think about it: the long trips, the visits, the hosting, and the parties. All these activities and tasks can be so stressful that they take a toll on the body.

It is therefore not surprising that people come down with different stress-related sickness and health complications during and immediately after the holiday season. Migraines, neck, head, back, and joint pains are some of the most common stress-induced problems most people complain about. 

But there is something you can do to reduce your chances of getting any of these holiday season ailments: get a chiropractic adjustment.

So What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment And How Can It Improve Your Upper Cervical Health?

A chiropractic adjustment is a unique technique in upper cervical care that involves realigning the spine and the C1 and C2) top two neck vertebrae. Chiropractic adjustments restore the nervous system function. It also sets off a healing process in the body and further prevents upper cervical injury. 

Why You Should Get A Chiropractic Adjustment Before Your Holiday Travel.  

As observed above the flurry of activities that characterize the holiday season can create health problems for many of us. Some of these problems include chronic stress, headaches, neck and back pain. Often these problems arise as a result of sitting, standing or driving for extended periods. And these activities put pressure on the spine.

In addition, the body releases stress hormones when the brain senses danger or environmental pressure. These stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, cause the muscles around the spine to tense and cramp. Over time, the spine bends or twists to accommodate the cramped muscles. The head shifts or tilts to the side so as to cope with the uneven weight distribution the twisted spine would have caused. Furthermore, the C1 and C2 neck vertebrae will fall out of its correct alignment. This misalignment affects the central nervous system and leads to neurological complications in the body, some of which manifest as migraines, back, neck, joint and spine pains.

 Getting a chiropractic adjustment before your holiday travel will provide the following benefits:

  • Help you know if you have an upper cervical injury. The upper cervical chiropractor will use diagnostic tools like thermal imaging and digital x-ray devices to make this diagnosis.
  • The precise adjustments will realign the head and the top two C1 and C2 neck vertebrae so as to eliminate and prevent irritation and inflammation in the spine.
  • Your spine will be stronger and more resilient after you’ve had the adjustment.
  • You’ll feel a burst of energy, which is exactly what you need to function during the holidays.
  • You’ll sleep better because adjustments stimulate the parts of the body that improve the quality of your sleep. 
  • You’ll be in top shape to enjoy the season with the ones you love.

The list can go on and on. 

Bottom line: visit a specific chiropractor for a pre-holiday adjustment. It will benefit you greatly and make your holiday travel more memorable and enjoyable.


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