Can A Chiropractor Help With TMJ?

Common symptoms of TMJ include pain around the jaw region, which makes it difficult for sufferers to chew food or open their mouths widely. Other symptoms include stiffness and tenderness of the jaw, pain extending to the ear region, pain when chewing, popping or clicking noises when opening the mouth and dizziness.

Most sufferers find it difficult to school, work or handle normal tasks. 

TMJ is an acronym for temporomandibular joint. This joint connects the skull and jaw bone and is responsible for chewing, yawning, talking, and general jaw movements.

The temporomandibular joints located at either side of the head are controlled by muscles and cartilages that help the jaw to open and close.

When the joints or any of the surrounding muscles and cartilages are infected or injured, pain can occur in any part of the head and neck region.

Causes of TMJ Pain.

TMJ pain can occur:

  • When the cartilage of the joint is injured
  • When the cartilage of the joint is infected
  • When the disks are eroded
  • When the disks are misaligned

Can a Chiropractor Help with TMJ? 

Although upper cervical chiropractors are known for addressing migraine, headaches, back pain, neck pain, stress, and vertigo, many people are not aware that chiropractors can also help sufferers of TMJ pain.

In fact, this rare chiropractic technique has provided a distinctive approach for tackling TMJ, 

On your first visit, the upper cervical chiropractor will conduct diagnostic tests to ascertain the health of your upper cervical region. These tests will be conducted using thermal imaging and digital x-ray devices.  The goal of these tests is to ascertain if your chiropractic care will make any difference to your health and well being.

If the diagnostic tests reveal an upper cervical injury, the upper cervical chiropractor will proceed to deliver precise adjustments that will correct the upper cervical injury and restore the central nervous system function. Adjustments to the spine and neck reduce the pain associated with the sufferer’s jaw movement. They also prevent any future occurrence of TMJ.

Upper cervical chiropractors employ other techniques while trying to correct TMJ pain. One of such rare technique involves the intraoral myofascial release, which is a method of adjusting the jaw joint and releasing the adjoining muscles for a smoother movement.

If you’ve been suffering from this debilitating condition, just give us a call or send us an email. We might help you find long term relief. You deserve to get off your pain medications and to live a full life. After the first few sessions of chiropractic care, many people report feeling significantly better. Chiropractic care forestalls the reoccurrence of TMJ pain in the future.


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