Can Dizziness Be A Cause Of Anxiety?

Can dizziness be a cause of anxiety? One of the most common disruptive symptoms of anxiety is dizziness and if you are suffering from anxiety, dizziness can be the effect or outcome. It may also be the result of a serious health problem or an inner ear infection. Feeling lightheaded or woozy? This is a symptom of dizziness that accompanies anxiety.

Vestibular Sense:

If you are familiar with the vestibular sense and how it works, this system is a strong connection between the ear and our sense of balance. Senses between the body position and movement of the head. Vestibular sense helps you to focus or concentrate.

It is a sensory system that is vital to normal movement, balance, and equilibrium. The system senses your body movement and traces the way an individual moves or shifts their body position in relation to individuals environment. And these include your inner ears, nerves that connect the brain to the ears and some parts of the brain.

When there’s a problem arise in the vestibular system, the symptom of dizziness can be the result. And if you have already anxiety, dizziness from the vestibular system and anxiety can be linked together, making symptoms even worse.

Here are some of the anxiety dizziness symptoms:

  • You feel the floor beneath you is moving up and down or swaying from side to side
  • A sudden feeling of dizziness, lightheaded, faint, and off balance
  • You feel like your surroundings are moving, shaking, rocking, or vibrating
  • You feel like there’s a spinning feeling or pressure in your head
  • You think you might pass out

There are many medical conditions that can cause dizziness to anxiety. It is best to have it check up as soon as possible especially if the signs persist regularly.

Upper cervical chiropractic care can be of help treating dizziness with anxiety. We usually see this kind of case in our office and have good success in treating our patients.  A simple 15-minute consultation we get down to the root cause and get you on the path of being well again. Call/text us at 808-369-9733. We can help!

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