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Trees Representation of Nervous System

How Does the Nervous System Work?

Your nervous system enables you to move your muscles at the right moment. The nervous system is involved in every voluntary and involuntary movement of your body. It is a complex system that controls the various functions of the body.

There are two main parts of the nervous system: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system is mostly found and protected by bones and includes the brain and the spinal cord.

The Peripheral Nervous System

The peripheral nervous system is composed of all the other networks of automotive nerves in our body.

The nervous system can also be divided into voluntary and involuntary nervous systems.

The Voluntary Nervous System

When you walk, eat, drink, run, drive, jump, and talk, you are making use of the voluntary nervous system. The primary function of the voluntary nervous system is the control of the voluntary movements of the organs, muscles, and reflex actions. The voluntary nervous system carries messages to the brain and spinal cord. This functionality enables you to move various parts of your body. 

The Involuntary Nervous System

There are some processes in your body that you do not consciously control. Your digestion and heartbeat are examples of such operations. The involuntary nervous system is always on guard, receiving and sending information throughout the body. The involuntary nervous system is like an automatic system, constantly regulating the different organs of the body. Without the nervous system, the rest of the body is bound to malfunction and can lead to several health problems.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and the Nervous System

One of the things that can make the nervous system malfunction is the misalignment in the upper cervical region. When the nervous system is misaligned, it cannot send messages through the nerves to other parts of the body. The inability of the nervous system to communicate with other parts of the body leaves your body vulnerable to attacks.

To correct the nervous system’s root cause, the specific chiropractors conduct tests using digital x-ray and thermal imaging devices. The goal of the tests is to determine if chiropractic care will benefit you.

If any upper cervical injury is noticed, the specific chiropractor will provide chiropractic adjustment and other types of care. This will restore your nervous system’s function and boost your immune system.

You’d like to correct, give us a call. We can ensure that your nervous system works optimally. The safety of our community is our utmost priority. We can guarantee that you are safe during your consultation or appointment.

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