If I’m spending eight to 12 hours a day talking about what’s wrong with people and trying to figure out what’s right about them- sometimes it can be a little bit tough on the heart.

My job is to help people get well. And most people come to me when they aren’t.

Earlier today was a really busy day. Even lunch was really busy, too, with a bunch of meetings. Four meetings, actually- but I’m okay with that.

I’m really good at just working with whoever and whenever, and I really want to get better at forming better teams so that we can be more successful in the end.  We want to help our community in every way we can, and we’ve been doing that even during these recent thunderstorms and flash floods.  We’re here to serve you.

We want to make sure that we are doing the things that we love and doing it in a great way.

For five years. I’ve been here, and there have been three staples: me, my office, and then Ron.  He’s been with me since the beginning. He’s an awesome massage therapist!