I wanted to share my personal experience with Leadership Kauai.  It was a truly life-changing experience, and I’m so glad I attended.

Leadership Kauai positively affected my life, helped me grow as a professional, and improved my practice.

I got to learn a lot of things about leadership, but more importantly, I also got to learn so much about Kauai and how I fit in the role of a chiropractor here.  I learned so much about Kauai’s amazing community and how I can help.

Leadership Kauai helped me be better at what I do, and more effectively help others live a better life.  That’s what I set out to do as a chiropractor, and I’m always looking for ways to do it better, so I’m so glad to have had this opportunity.

I was in the the class of 2015 with Leadership Kauai, and the program made a huge difference on how I practice in my professional life and my personal life.  I would recommend it to anyone.