The clinic will be closed as of July 1, 2023.

What’s up everybody, Dr. Addison here with THE SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC CENTERS, Kauai and Maui. I hope you’re all having a wonderful this Wednesday. We’re just so busy here. I just wanted to jump on today and do a quick live about immunity and some things I’ve been getting a lot of questions that people have been asking lately. Does what I do affect their immune system or how they’re healing and all that stuff. I posted earlier, if you want to scroll down in our face Facebook pages inside our VIP group, we posted a video, some research review on how the nervous system relates to the immune system and how the care that we provide in our office influence all of that.

If you want to watch that video start from about minute five or minute six. Doctor Dan Sullivan, a brilliant man, did a video that break down how we affect the immune system. I’m going to talk about it here, but you can also get the facts right there too.

Anyways, I wanted to jump on and talk about immunity since we’re in this situation right now. I had a conversation earlier with a few docs, there’s things going on across the United States. In California they’re locking everything down to essential and nonessential workers and closing places that are non essential.

We had some questions that people asking me, why do you fly at Doctor Addison? Shouldn’t you just close your office? You don’t want to risk continuing the spread of the virus. And so I like to remind people, our offices across the United States are committed to remaining open as long as possible until mandated by our government to not be open for the sole reason because we are essential to the community. We provide healthcare to people, get access to care and improve their health. Not specifically for what’s going on right now, but for other healthcare problems, just as important as what’s going on in the world.

And so we continue that, mainly because the type of care that we provide is very specific to how we can help people. You have to remember this is a type of Chiropractic Care that is not like just the general stuff. And our whole and sole goal is to affect the nervous system in a positive way to increase the body, to function the way it’s supposed to. The way it’s designed and when you don’t have that functionality, you’re compromised and your body doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to.

So while a lot of people come in for a lot of different things, just remember when you’re here in our office, our number one goal is to improve the functions between the spine and nervous system. And our whole goal is to restore normal function.

Some of you are compromised because you don’t have no more function, and your body doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to. So how does this relate to immunity and  immune system and how does our care affect that? I just want to jump on here and talk about that real quick. You gotta remember it’s very basic physiology and you can understand the super easy.

What system in the body controls and coordinates all functions in the body? Yes, that’s right. That is the nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions in the body either directly or indirectly. One of those systems, it does influence and have effect on is the nervous system. You see the nervous system influences, effects and coordinates the function of the immune system, requires or needs that information from the nervous system to do what it needs to do normally.

How we affect it is that the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, the study shows that when there is interference or when there is some kind of misalignment or dysfunction in the upper neck area that can influence and disrupt communication between the nervous system and therefore that interruption or interference can affect the function of the nervous system. Therefore, it will affect how your immune system can or cannot respond. That’s just the basic flow. You can look at that video, watch the video and see how that affects. Why is this important? Obviously with all that is going on right now, you would want to make sure that your nervous system, your spine and your immune system is functioning normally. You don’t want to walk up there with a handicap, when you play golf, right? You want to make sure that your body’s functioning the way it’s supposed to.

Although most people will be coming to us for other issues, when we restore normal function in the spine and normal function in the nervous system, your body restores its normal function. And that’s the goal of chiropractic care. Our offices, we’re mainly focused on that. Our sole focus actually is to make sure that you function normally through your spine and nervous system so that your body can function normally.

And so immunity is super important because of right now what’s going on, but more importantly, why we want you to be healthy. And so people always ask me, Hey Doctor Addison you’re flying back and forth from Kauai and Maui, you’re taking risks, huge risks to take care of people. That is why, because what we do can also affect how your body function. And we want to make sure that we continue our care. I know it’s a tough thing to do. I’m doing all the necessary precautions to make sure it’s safe for me to travel between.

And like I mentioned before, if it gets to a point where we need to make a change, if we need to close the offices, or if I put anyone in danger, I will make that call immediately and make sure that you’re all safe. Just keep in mind to try to jump on those page if you’re not part of our community group for Kauai or Maui, please jump on our Facebook page of THE SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC CENTERS Kauai or Maui,  jumped into our community group.

I’m posting constantly updates on information and things for you to get information on. So please let me know. If you need anything else, if you have any questions let me know. I’ll be flying to Maui, Friday morning to provide care. Like I mentioned yesterday, I did cancel all my mainland flights for the next six weeks or actually eight weeks. And we’re going to be focusing on taking care of all of you. Also yesterday I did mention about some changes too. We know that it’s been tough for a lot of people, financially we understand that some people might be compromised.

So we’re also making some changes to our finances also. So if you are trying to get care, if you want to start care and you need help, if you’re in a financial challenge right now, don’t make that a barrier to your health. Reach out to us. We’d be happy to help. We made changes to the policies and we’ll work with you and we’ll figure out how we can best get you the care and make it super affordable for you to actually get the care you deserve. All right. I got to jump off cause I had to get back to work. It is pouring rain right now. We’re hit hard right now with severe thunderstorms, flash floods. We had a tornado yesterday, but that won’t stop us from taking care of you.