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Symptoms of JOINT PAIN

Joint pain is no respecter of persons. It can affect the young and the old; the rich and the poor; the active and the reclusive. Worse still, this debilitating condition can ruin a perfect life. It’s impossible to function when you have to deal with nagging pains, swelling, aches, and stiffness.

If you have been experiencing pains in your joints, you probably want to know more about this debilitating illness. Let’s start with this frequently asked question. What really causes joint pain? Joint pain can be caused by:


Injury is the leading cause of joint pain. This includes injuries that affect the tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones in the joint. It isn’t uncommon to hear athletes and physically active people complaining about joint pain after an injury.

Wear and Tear

Another cause of joint pain is wear and tear. As time progresses, people age and body degenerates. Often, the cartilage begins to wear out and lose its ability to cushion the bones from shock.

Joint inflammation

Inflammation is another leading cause of joint pain. In fact, joint inflammation often occurs as a result of arthritis. Common examples include osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis and so on.

Arthritis develops and progresses when the cartilage loses its ability to cushion your bone from shock. The joints begin to hurt. And this is why patients experience swelling and difficulty in movement.

While it is important to note the causes of joint pains, it is also important to note the symptoms. When you know the symptoms, you can seek care and find long-lasting relief from joint pain.


Major Symptoms of Joint Pain

Dull or Intense Pain

As the name implies, pain is a primary symptom of Arthralgia. Sometimes it’ll show up as a fiery and intense sensation, and other times, it will ache slightly. In most cases, the pain intensifies after any physical activity that engages the joint. Some good examples of such physical activities include playing a sport, lifting heavy objects or hiking up a hill. It isn’t uncommon to hear complaints about a painful soreness that appears when the patient gets out of bed. If rainy weather conditions and changing humidity make you feel achy, then you need to get help for your joint pain.


Painful joints always often tend to swell up. Medical experts attribute this swelling to the increasing synovial fluid in the affected joint. In cases of arthritis, excess synovial fluid builds up in the joint and causes intense swelling and pain. Worse still, the swollen joint can become inflamed. And of course, you know that joint inflammation paralyzes patients with pain.

Morning Stiffness and Soreness

If you wake up each morning with stiffness and soreness in your weight-bearing joints, then you have joint pains, Sometimes, this soreness is more pronounced in the knees, lower back and hips. Stiff and sore joints are early symptoms of osteoarthritis too. Osteoarthritis often affects the toes, fingers, and neck. Though the stiffness might ease off after a few minutes, it is risky to ignore these symptoms of joint pain.

Joint Redness and Tenderness

The redness and tenderness in joints are often symptoms of gouty arthritis. Gouty flares cause burning sensations in joints in the knee and ankles. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of gouty arthritis, don’t live with the pain. Seek specific chiropractic care. 

Final Thoughts On The Symptoms Of Joint Pain.

If you’ve been experiencing one or all of the aforementioned symptoms, you’re probably hoping to find relief. However, it is important to exercise wisdom while choosing treatment options.

Often people try prescription drugs, traditional chiropractors and massages, but find only temporary relief in the process. These treatment options tend to concentrate on joint pain. However, specific chiropractic care is completely different in its approach. Upper cervical chiropractic experts employ techniques that:

  • provide lasting joint pain relief
  • prevent joint inflammation 
  • stop arthritis from worsening
  • keep your joints healthy and strong

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