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Symptoms of Neck Pain

Neck pains often occur without any prior warning signal. One moment, your neck seems fine; the next moment, you start to notice a loss of function and debilitating pains. Episodes of neck pains can occur for different reasons. Suffers report noticing neck pains after a long drive. For some, the pains become more noticeable after they awoke from a bad sleeping position or after they’ve spent long hours in front of their computers. 

According to one study, two-thirds of the global population experience neck pains at some point in their lives. However, middle-aged people are more likely to experience this debilitating condition.

What causes neck pains?

Researchers suggest that there is a link between neck pains and upper cervical injuries. 

The upper cervical area (the neck region) consists of two (C1 and C2) vertebrae. These vertebrae connect the head to the lower spine. Sadly, these upper neck vertebrae are susceptible to injury and trauma. Although neck pain can happen to anyone, at any time and anywhere, victims of accidents and sportspeople are most vulnerable to a neck injury. Sufferers of neck pain often have a history of having been involved in some form of (road, air or sea) accident that resulted in neck and/or head injuries. Blows to the head, whiplash or other repetitive bad sitting or standing postures can cause head and neck trauma.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

People who suffer from neck pains recognize the major symptoms of neck pain. Pain in the back of the head and neck region, a limited range of motion often feature at the top of the list of complaints. 

However, there are other common symptoms of neck pains. Some of these include:

  • Nerve pain,
  • Numbness and tingling sensations in one or both arms,
  • Jaw pain,
  • Shoulders and upper back pain,
  • Dizziness
  • Stiff neck
  • Soreness and difficulty in turning the head from side to side
  • The trouble with gripping or lifting objects
  • Headaches etc.

Neck pains can last for days or even weeks, during which most sufferers are unable to work, study or manage basic tasks. 

A study conducted by the Academy of Pain Management revealed that chronic neck pain affects an individual’s overall enjoyment of life. The study also found that chronic pain can lead to depression, restlessness, irritability, concentration problems, reduced energy and an inability to sleep.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Neck Pain

Upper cervical chiropractors have done groundbreaking work in providing excellent upper cervical care and getting rid of neck pain. Preliminary tests are conducted to determine if the sufferer will benefit from specific chiropractic care. Thermal imaging and digital x-rays are often used to conduct these tests. These diagnostic tools help to accurately assess the alignment of your head and neck. They also measure nerve irritation in the upper cervical region. This allows the chiropractor to determine the extent and severity of the neck injury. When a neck injury or trauma is diagnosed, the upper cervical chiropractor employs specific chiropractic techniques that are geared towards restoring the nervous system function. In addition, misaligned head and neck bones are repositioned so that blood can flow properly to the brain. This specific realignment addresses the upper cervical nerve irritation that causes neck pains. 

If left unaddressed, injury to your upper neck can interfere with your brain’s ordinary control over the postural muscles. When this happens, your muscles become weak and unbalanced. You can also feel muscle atrophy and spasm throughout your neck and back. The spasm of your spinal muscles can lead to compression of the upper cervical region, and chronic pains. 

You have probably explored general chiropractic therapies, physical therapy, or massage therapy, physical therapy, but to no avail. You’re not alone. However, you might want to consider that your neck pain requires specialized care that focuses on pinpointing and correcting the underlying problems responsible for your neck pain. You deserve to find long-lasting relief for your neck pain so that you can work, sleep or do the things you love. Give us a ring. We might be able to help you get rid of those nagging pains. An evaluation of your upper cervical (neck) spine and some first-class upper cervical care can make all the difference.