What causes extreme fatigue?

Tiredness is a natural part of life. We work, get tired, rest or sleep, and recover from our tiredness and repeat the cycle.

But some of us find it difficult to recover from our tiredness. When you find yourself in perpetual tiredness, even after you have had enough sleep and rest, you may be suffering from extreme fatigue. 

People who suffer from extreme fatigue find it extremely difficult to work, study or live a fulfilled life.

Causes of fatigue.

Extreme fatigue can occur as a result of repetitive bad posture, medications, pregnancy, alcohol abuse and hyperactivity. Other common causes of fatigue include stress, anxiety, depression and lack of physical activity.

However, poor upper cervical health is one of the leading causes of extreme fatigue.

Upper Cervical Care And Chronic Fatigue.

The upper cervical area is made up of the head, the C1 and C2 neck vertebrae and the spine. When there is a misalignment of the head and neck vertebrae, you are likely to feel fatigued.

The slightest shift or misalignment of any of the many vertebrae in the spine will affect your nervous system. And a disorder in the central nervous system can lead to extreme fatigue.

In addition, this misalignment interferes with the nerve’s ability to transmit important signals and energy flow between the various organs of the body.

This explains why sufferers of extreme fatigue find it difficult to get the required amount of energy flow. 

How Upper Cervical Care Addresses Chronic Fatigue.

It’s not all doom and gloom for sufferers of extreme fatigue. Upper cervical care has proven to be effective in providing long-term relief for people who suffer from extreme fatigue.

Upon your initial visit to the upper cervical chiropractor’s office, thermal imaging and digital x-ray tests will be conducted. The goal is to ascertain if upper cervical care will reduce or eliminate your extreme fatigue. If the tests reveal a misalignment in your spine, the specific chiropractor will administer precise adjustments that will address the nervous system disorder. Once the nervous system function is restored, you will feel more energetic and healthier. After chiropractic adjustments, many sufferers of insomnia report that they sleep better and feel more energetic.

Perhaps you’ve been battling with extreme fatigue and would like to find long-lasting relief. Give specific chiropractic care a chance. This rare technique is non-invasive and has no side effects. What’s more, upper cervical care will address the root cause of your extreme fatigue so that you won’t have to put your life on hold.

So give us a ring. Or shoot us an email. We might be able to help you find lasting relief from extreme fatigue.

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