Why You Feel Better After an Adjustment?

There comes a time in life when you suddenly say, ‘I’ve had it! Something’s got to change!’ You probably reached that stage where you decided to get rid of all the pain. Migraines, headaches, neck pains and back pains? They had no right to ruin your life. To find healing, you opted for chiropractic care. And now that you’ve completed your care, you feel oh-so-good and strong and energetic. All the pains have disappeared.

It probably feels like a dream, a miracle. Why do you suddenly feel better after your chiropractic adjustment? Why have your sleep-wake patterns suddenly improved? You no longer feel blinding headaches, epic migraines, and horrible body pains. Well, you are not alone in your questioning. Excited patients often ask these questions.

To explain why you feel better after a chiropractic adjustment, we will explore the research-proven aspects of chiropractic care. Our goal is not to lecture you on upper cervical care (which is what specific chiropractic doctors focus on), nor do we intend to give PhD-level nutrition classes.

Here we’ll share evidence-based research that explains why you feel better, healthier and stronger after a chiropractic adjustment and other kinds of chiropractic care..

Misaligned bones have been readjusted into their proper position.

Before your care, your specific chiropractor assessed your head and neck alignment. The thermal imaging and digital X-rays probably showed a misalignment in your neck (or spine) and causing interference with your nervous system. This explains why your specific chiropractor delivered chiropractic adjustments.

You suddenly feel a burst of energy and vitality because your bones have been adjusted into their proper positions. 

And did I mention that this procedure also sets off a self-healing process in the body? Well, it does. And that’s why you feel brand new and pain-free!

This fact was proven in a study published in the JMPT. The subjects in the research reportedly stopped feeling pains immediately after a chiropractic adjustments, 

Reactivation of the Central Nervous System.

If you have a lethargic central nervous system, chiropractic care will completely transform your body to a healthier state. Researchers revealed that chiropractic  adjustments reactivate the body’s central nervous system. Activation of the CNS also promotes healing in the head, neck, spine, shoulders and other parts of the body.  Awesome, right?

Consider all the cells, tissues and organs being governed by the (CNS) central nervous system. Think about all the changes the body will experience when the CNS heals other cells. This explains why you feel a whole lot better after an adjustment.


Adjustments improve the quality of sleep.

Anyone who has ever had trouble sleeping knows that insomnia can ruin a person’s health. Sleeplessness can also cause depression, migraines, headaches, hypertension and other diseases.

Since your chiropractic adjustment, you’ve probably been pleased to find that your sleep patterns have improved. 

According to one study, adjustments stimulate the thalamus, a neural structure that controls the sleep and wake cycle. This explains why you now sleep like a baby.

And guess what? Better sleep means improved moods and all-round wellbeing.

It enhances body functionality and athletic ability.

If you’re an athlete, you might notice a boost in your athletic abilities. In fact, several studies have shown that chiropractic care promotes physical recovery and boosts athletic performance. That’s why many top athletes rely on specific chiropractors for stretches, chiropractic adjustments, injury care and exercises. 

Sorry, professional athletes. Someone had to leak your secrets.

Whether you’re an athlete or a physically active person, your body will feel brand new after chiropractic care.

Final thoughts:

If you’d like to live a healthy pain-free life, listen to the experts. Schedule regular visits to a specific chiropractor’s office. Just as you ought to be consistent with exercise and healthy eating, you also need to get regular chiropractic care. Feeling better is as simple as visiting a certified upper cervical chiropractor.

Dr. Addison Bulosan is one of the most experienced upper cervical chiropractic specialists in the world. Dr Addison Bulosan has maintained an excellent practice in Lihue, Hawaii, for more than ten years. To get a free consulation, contact us. 

Get Hope. Get Well. Live Life.


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