Why you shouldn't adjust your spine at home

Armed with instructional videos and texts, anyone can adjust their own spine at home, right? No. You’re absolutely wrong. Your spine, which is made up of many vertebrae all arranged in a column, and each specific vertebrae acts as the support structure that stabilizes your body. One wrong move and you can sustain a lifelong injury.

The upper cervical vertebrae houses passageways of vertebral arteries and the brainstem, through which blood is transported to the brain. Any pressure that causes a shift can interfere with nervous system function and blood flow to the brain. 

Two important vertebrae connect the head to the spine. These vertebrae are called the C1 and C2 vertebrae and they are responsible for housing the brainstem. Any trauma in this region can affect the way the brain communicates with different parts of the body. 

Many sufferers of upper cervical injuries try to ameliorate the unpleasant symptoms and feelings (discomfort, pain, numbness, and other unpleasant sensations) by adjusting their spine through to do-it-yourself exercises at home.

Resist the temptation to adjust your spine when next you feel neck pain, back pain, migraine, persistent headaches, fatigue, and joint pain. See an upper cervical chiropractor.

How Safe Is It To Adjust Your Spine At Home?

It’s actually very risky. Although some people feel temporary relief after adjusting their own spine at home, others aren’t so lucky. Some of them feel worse than they did in the beginning.

Another disadvantage of adjusting your spine at home is that you can get addicted to this feeling of temporary relief. (Self-adjustment at home activates some pain-relieving chemicals that momentarily shut down your warning system). However, this might not correct the underlying cause of the problems you’ve been experiencing. 

Why You Should Rely On An Upper Cervical Chiropractor for Every Chiropractic Adjustment.

The management of issues associated with the upper cervical region should not be attempted if you aren’t a trained expert. The spine is delicate, fragile and important.

Upper cervical chiropractors employ a rare technique that corrects misalignments in the spine and restores the central nervous system function. 

Before any care is administered, the upper cervical chiropractor first conducts diagnostic tests using thermal imaging and digital x-ray devices. The result of the tests will determine the most appropriate chiropractic care for your upper cervical health. 

Once the upper cervical chiropractor ascertains that you’ll benefit from a chiropractic adjustment, a precise adjustment will be administered by hand while you’re lying on a safe side, on a special table. 

Again, the specific chiropractor will administer other kinds of care that will correct the cause of the discomfort and pain in the upper cervical region.

Resist the temptation to adjust your spine at home. See a specialist for proper diagnoses and care.

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